Kyukyu Ryeongu and Minguu ❤️Oh and the other dweebs too.

On & on precious love


i’m staring off into space not at you


im not looking at watchu thinkin im looking at. nope. not. at. alllllll


Happy Hyukmin Day <3


Kyuhyun’s favorite story: ‘The ramen incident’

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ix3kyumin said: jas ~ u r gorgeous & such a sweetheart XD anyone not cherishing u are the ones missing out hehe \^^/ and u still have me btw lmao ~

awwww sam why are you sucha sweetiepie /____\ hehe i’m glad to have you ;D and thank you! guys are missing out on the both of us tbh cuz we’re pretty cool~

kathrynkangas said: you’re not going to be “single foreverrrrrrr” don’t you worry. you just have to wait for the right dude to come along and everything will be okay! until that day comes we can be forever alone together, then we won’t be “single” ^^;

You’re right! I just need to remind myself that being single is fun for now ^^ and yes let’s be alone together with our puppy therapy because puppies are better than boys :D!! Or we can wait til wook and kyu come for us :P

Sungmin’s punishment: 50 elephant-nose spins

Hyukjae the dancing cleaner

Please let me find someone who likes digimon and michael jackson and doesn’t mind kpop or me having this blog

Sungmin and Ryeowook laughing at something on the computer.


clingy sungmin.

#they talked about becoming an adult and getting a job #on the radio #about the anxiety that causes #and ryeowook said #you were my savior (at that time) #cause ryeowook was only 18 or 19 when he debuted #and he was so scared #but sungmin was there for him #always #the members dubbed their shared room foxes’ nest/foxes’ hole #cause those two stayed in their room all the time tallkin #i can only imagine #ryeowook spilling all his worries #and sungmin being a strong shoulder #and I love sungmin for that