This is the most perfect set of pictures I’ve ever seen

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~。✧♡ Sungmin  。✧♡ [cr: Marloes]

140414 Incheon airport

minnivitaminkisa: You're going to pass this test~ You're going to pass this class~ You're going to have a successful life~♥


ASHLEY!!!!!!!!! WHY MUST YOU BE SO NICE T___T i’m gonna have to quote you and say “You are the little green trunk on my broccoli, supporting me as I grow~” hehe :D I’ll try my best tomorrow and the rest of the semester then!! You’re right i can’t give up over one class ^^

@ryeong9: I heard the bad news right after arriving in Korea. I hope the deceased rest in peace. I hope everyone will be rescued soon.. (cr)

@ryeong9: I heard the bad news right after arriving in Korea. I hope the deceased rest in peace. I hope everyone will be rescued soon.. (cr)

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ix3kyumin said: new wook fetish? HEHEHEHEHE XD

oooh giiiiirrrrl I’ve BEEN having this fetish (I love legs don’t judge me lol) legs need to be appreciated more hehehe

kyulau said: Jasmine! you need to go back to study!

but I am!!! I just needed a break to admire ryeowooks beautiful leg muscles n___n heheheh

this is jasmine’s ghost speaking, kathryn just killed me with a bunch of wook calves pictures and some of them were badawook. it was nice knowing everyone byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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shyseoul said: //hugs! You can do it!! We all believe in you! Smartypantskyu will come tutor you if necessary :) And one test won’t make you fail life! So please don’t stress about it too much! //more hugs <33

CALEY!!! Why does it feel like i havent heard from you in forever T_T and aww thank you sdfg. Oooh will he?? Idk why but this popped up in my head when you said smartypantskyu

so yes i’ll gladly have him tutor me thank you very much uwu. Aww i know it wont but i really feel so behind compared to my friends :/ but you’re right i can’t let it stress me out /sends more higs ad high fives since we’re bad at hugs lol

ix3kyumin said: just relax and do ur best >< u can do it ~ FIGHTING :D

Aww thank you sweet pea!! I definitely will try my best!! I hope i make it through tomorrow :( /hugssss

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siwook said: jasmine ur a silly billy u stop that /bops you on the head/ may the power of the ot3 movement give you strength~~~!!! :P

bu…but…ok  >_< /recieves ot3 power/ aw bless your kind soul<3 but i really am gonna fail :( its our 3rd test out of 4 and i already bombed the other 2 despite how hard i studied :( 

kelly-is-elf said: aww honey :( believe me, one class will not ruin your life, take it from me, youll get through it and forget all about it in a couple years.. just do your best and dont be too hard on yourself <3

Aww thank you dear :’) i try to tell myself that but i feel really behind compared to my friends who are already transferring to different schools…and then there’s me :/ but i’ll do my best not to let it get me down! you’re right, i’ll probably look back on this and realize it wasnt so bad ^^;; 

kyulau said: what? no! you’re not gonna fail! you can do everything!

aw i WISH i could do everything T_T but i can do almost everything but this geography class /sobs into your shoulder/


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I’m gonna fail this test
I’m gonna fail this class
I’m gonna fail life :(